Sense of Self, Sense of Community, Sense of City

Connect your community, connect your city

Sense LA

An LA-wide set of creative assemblies designed to harness the power of art + collective intelligence so we can better connect our communities and our city.


a systems view of people and their issues

Just like nature, people operate within dynamic and interconnected systems; But our senses, our culture, and our habits tend to hide this simple fact. If we are part of a system, a neighborhood, a city, so, too, are the daily issues we face.


What is Sense LA

Sense LA is a work of Socially Engaged Art and Systems Thinking which uses deep thinking, design management and manufacturing, art, and technology to help people from all backgrounds and abilities, have a voice in their community, understand their city and their place within it, and create fresh perspectives, together.

main System Map - ITA workshop.png

What we’ll be doing

During the next year, we will be working with Neighborhood Councils and Organizations across the City, to reveal our systemic nature, allowing us to maximize our creative potential, and ultimately help guide our communal decisions to develop shared goals that we can achieve together.


Developed at MIT, Tested in Cities and Schools

Learn to use a leading-edge method developed at MIT to help random groups of people build high-precision tools, like robots and turbines, now adapted and enhanced for use in understanding everyday problmes and situation of mutual interest in our neighborhoods.



  • Attract new people to your Neighborhood Council or Organization

  • Tackle root causes and interconnect neighborhood experiences and problems

  • Guide longer-term decision making

  • Anticipate, explore big issues

  • Break entrenched thought patterns, behaviors, and inspire dialogue

  • Learn to use art and deep thinking to understand complex problems


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